Proven Method

We use immersion to teach classical Arabic, and it works.

It’s the same technique we all used as children to learn our first language, and it has proven extremely effective for hundreds of our adult students already.

What Students Say

“This is a truly remarkable course MaashaAllah and a once in a lifetime opportunity. I can’t think of any Arabic course that is combined with this type of travel experience and to learn with an amazing group of people. Finally, the course materials and the teachers were excellent. I can’t speak highly enough of it.”

Zihaad Wilkinson
Management Consultant, UK

“The whole course approach + excursion is great value for money. The institute is always ready to help even when you lag; they do constant check-ins, they ensure that you study and do your assignments. This course is perfect for busy professionals who want to learn Arabic.”

Ibraheem Babalola
Venture Builder, Canada

“The curriculum of this course is structured in a way that every week you get to see the progress that you have made and the team is always ready to help and this is very important to me as a working professional to be able to get that level of support. This experience has been very exciting even with the challenges I faced because it took some personal efforts to get to where I wanted to be too.”

Hamdalah Adetunji
Software Engineer, Germany

“This course stands out to me because of the immersion experience, the community of students and teachers and the excursion - being able to remove yourself from rigorous day-to-day activities for two weeks to travel to a place where you learn and use Arabic is really great. Ustadh Jubril goes to extra lengths to carry everyone along; Appreciate the enthusiasm and energy brought to class.”

Zainab Dosunmu
Management Consultant, Nigeria

“Our teacher, Ustadh Jubril Alao brought his A-game to the table. Many times during the course I felt like I couldn’t go on but seeing him show up daily (and on time) ready to pour into us was enough motivation to keep going even when I felt overwhelmed. Having a teacher that is passionate about teaching and the progress of his students is a game-changer and I thank our teacher for this.”

Oyinkan Momoh
Image Consultant & Islamic Counsellor, Nigeria

“The journey started over a year ago through online classes and I’m still amazed at the progress I made during our 2 week Intensive Immersive Retreat in Dakar Senegal. Alhamdulillah for growth and the beginning of what will insha’Allah be a lifelong journey of learning and development.”

Zahra Zakariyah
Strategist/Social Entrepreneur, UK

“I found the course really intensive; it was the kind of course where you can clearly see that you have made a lot of progress; It was very clear to me how far I had come and how much I had grown at the end of it. Also, our instructor's style of teaching greatly improved my listening which helped me to be able to translate better and answer questions quickly… You have the full immersion and intensive classes, the holiday experience you get during the excursions… It's the full package in a lot of ways.”

Nabila Shuaib
Student, UK

“The course with Ustadh Jubril has enabled me to gain a lot of knowledge of the Arabic language in a short amount of time, and also gave me insight to how vast and rich the language is. This has further increased my drive to learn more about it and put myself in a position to benefit others through teaching.”

Abdul-Azeez Oladimeji Ganiyu
Student, UK

Why Immersion?

Learning Arabic is not about remembering countless rules.
Rather, it is a natural outcome of being completely immersed in its shapes & sounds, repeating what you hear and using what you learn.

Consistently doing this is the best route to genuine fluency and confidence in reading, understanding and speaking classical Arabic.

With You All The Way

Every course we offer – from our On-Demand courses right through to our Residential Excursions abroad – employs various immersive techniques to help you learn: regular homework, shared group learning and personalised feedback.

Take the Plunge

Your search for the perfect Arabic course ends here.
Your journey into the captivating ocean of Arabic begins now.